Music for the Soul


We publish articles that are both informative and entertaining. Most importantly, we want our articles to be engaging. We are looking for dedicated and passionate writers to write for us. You don’t need any previous blogging experience.  So, if you are interested to write about music, you need to feel in a form where you should mention your name, contact details, and experience. We also want to hear your thought about music.

What will you get?

By writing for us, you will have a strong portfolio which can be helpful in getting other writing jobs. It will increase your credibility as a writer. We pay our writers well, so it can be a good source of extra income too. We share your content across our social media, so you will get good exposure as a writer.

Some instructions to follow

We always help our writers to get the work done. So, once you submit your article, we will go through it and do the necessary corrections, if needed. We will inform you of the changes made. We might even ask you to do the corrections. You must make sure that your writing is original and free of any grammatical errors. You can write about anything related to music as long as it doesn’t exceed 1500 words.

We ask you to include an author bio and a link to your site. So, readers can visit your site if they like your writing. Please write to us so that we can send you the form to fill up. We look forward to hearing from you.