Music for the Soul

What music helps you to sleep better?

Most mothers sing lullabies to make their babies fall asleep.  However, you will be surprised to know that lullabies are not only effective for babies. The grownups also fall asleep listening to comforting music. Research has found out the direct link between sleep and music. According to a study, 45 minutes of bedtime music results in better sleep. You will fall asleep faster and will have a good quality sleep. So, what type of music should you select for your bedtime? It actually depends on your choice. Here are some options.

Choose familiar music

You should choose familiar music or your favorite music during bedtime. You may be humming along and feel happy listening to your favorite music. This will induce sleep.

Slow-paced music

Music that has 60 to 80 beats/minute tempo is good for bedtime. Music with relaxing melodies and low-frequency tones can also make you fall asleep. This type of music makes you feel relaxed.

Choose from classical, jazz or folk

According to different researchers, classical, jazz or folk are the best music choices for your bedtime. This music has a soothing effect and makes you fall asleep easily.

Choose from Google or Spotify playlists

You will find lists of songs in Google or Spotify playlists that are good for sleep. So, choose from the list and play them when you go to bed. Songs of Ed Sheeran are now popular sleep songs.

Music helps to lower your heartbeat, divert your mind from any distractions and gives you a good feeling. All these help you to sleep well at night. So, if you are suffering from insomnia, try listening to music during your bedtime.